HMWSSB entrusts Navayuga for GIS mapping and online monitoring of water supply network

In an effort towards providing potable water and improving citizen services for 11 GHMC peripheral circles in Hyderabad, the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) has entrusted Navayuga for GIS mapping and online monitoring of water supply network.

"For the first time, the water board is utilizing DGPS for the newly-laid water pipelines in GHMC peripheral circle.” said HMWSSB director-projects, B Vijay Kumar Reddy.

"The total length of the new pipeline network in GHMC peripheral circles is 2,700 kilometers. Till date, we have laid 1,300 km pipelines, while the pertaining work is progressing at a brisk pace." he said.

Project will involve creation of a highly reliable & accurate GIS map of water supply pipeline with precise geo-tagging of all its valves, joints/ connections using DGPS technology and development of an effective web based monitoring system. The system will be integrated with other IT systems at HMWSSB. As part of the field survey, attribute data and digital photographs will also be captured for the network elements. Navayuga will also provide training and maintenance service for the GIS application for a period of two years post GO LIVE.

"Through DGPS, we can track the pipeline alignment. Based on the data, water board can dig up the road at precise locations to take up repair work on defective pipelines or choked lines. The DGPS will also give us the exact location of sluice valves so that they can be replaced promptly if damaged." he said.

HMWSSB is committed to provide safe, clean and consistent water supply of citizens of Hyderabad and this project will assist the department in meeting the commitment. The implementation will also help department provide prompt response and resolution to citizen complaints.